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This multi faceted company focuses on the development, financing, and execution of small cap, privately held entities with the purpose of growth, charity, and community education.

We excel in E-commerce, Graphic Design, B2B Services ( Product Sourcing, Q.T., Operational Protocols, Importing & Exporting, (Business/Corporate Structure ..... etc ), Cloud Management and Training, I.O.T., Website and Systems Administration, Big Data, Cryptology, Google and Bing Analytics, Coding, Penetration Testing, Capital Management, Investment Suitability, Marketing ( Paid/Free Advertising, Social Networking, S.E.O., & C.R.M ..... etc ), Lead Generation, Affiliate Marketing, Cryptocurrencies ( mining and management ), Authority Based Educational Resources and Programs, and a Ton of Consulting.

Customer Service is King

I received my Bachelors of Science Degree from Florida State University. Since then, I have gravitated towards e-commerce with success. Since my journey began on Ebay, I still go by  my user I.D. which is FLIPnPIC. This is because I wanted previous customers to recognize me. Having tons of happy customers means for customers, shipping is on time and properly packed. It also means they can depend on a generous, honorable return policy. All pictures and item descriptions are clear, detailed and accurate. All transactions carry a 100% buyer satisfaction, 20 day money back guarantee.

Thank you
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