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Friday, February 7, 2020

Some Very Gorgeous Boulder Opals

All are for sale.  You can actually check out right here on this website. Both parties will have the full protection of PayPal. It saves some money on fees associated with Ebay, Ebay, and Amazon. I will transfer the savings to you.

On top of that, my policies are quite generous. You will have 30 days to return your items. Please make sure to notify us within 48 hours of receiving your purchase. Needless to say, items returned need to be in the same condition of which they were received.

This is the checkout portal link. 
Please send message to inquire about prices. ( )

Thank You

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Some Sweet Marbles for Sale

Marble Sale!  Thinning down a major collection.

For a custom order, or simply to get an even better deal you can purchase these directly on this website using Paypal. A good example would be 2 pounds of the above marbles. They are 5/8 inch in diameter, exhibit awesome UV Phosphorescence and also display nicely under blacklight. TO CHECKOUT - Use this URL =   PAYPAL CHECKOUT - 2 Pounds Marbles - $35 - Yellow with Blue, White and Red Swirls - Free Shipping